ACCRIN – About Us

During this time, over 90% of the work that has been involved in has been with personnel whose first language is not English. In one recent accreditation project alone, we needed to take account of 8 separate Asian languages when carrying out our accreditation work. Thus, over 10 years plus, the majority of materials and documentation designed, developed and accredited has been geared specifically to those who use English as a second or foreign language.

As a result of our lengthy experience gained in accrediting international courses with an extensive ELT content, and accrediting Training companies, we now feel that we should also offer this accreditation service to independent TEFL/TESOL Providers who are willing to meet the high accreditation standards set by ACCRIN. You can view the ACCRIN Standards on the Standards and Evidence page.

However, as you explore this site, you will see that we offer more than just accreditation. ACCRIN, though a separate division, follows the same ethos as : customer experience excellence in a lifelong partnership. And it has access to extensive knowledge and skills bank. Thus, we can add a number of important benefits that other accreditation companies cannot, as you will see as you read further through this site.

Tom Grenan, Learning and Development Advisor: After teaching English for several years in a secondary school in Scotland, Tom spent over 6 years teaching English and teacher training in Africa on a British Government aid scheme. During this time he was also a moderator of the Cambridge examinations for the Zambian Government. This was followed by another 4 years of TEFL/TESOL in Europe and Asia. After working in the business learning and development area for several years, he has spent the last 10 years accrediting international business courses and modules with a large ELT content, written in English but specifically developed for personnel where English is not their first language. Tom’s mix of skills and experience enables him to contribute in-depth to any area of TEFL/TESOL and Training accreditation.

Your trainers

Jerry McLean

Jerry earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and later completed a Master’s in Education in ESL from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is currently studying for her Doctorate in Education in Curriculum and Instruction. Jerry has thirteen years’ experience teaching English, nine of which were spent working with high school students. She also has experience teaching abroad in Japan, where she worked as a private ESL tutor for two years.

Stan Swift
hExperienced British/American BUSINESS ENGLISH coach with a PhD in History and Political Science as well as an MBA in Marketing. I’ve coached and helped executives and professionals for 15+ years to improve proficiency meet and exceed their career goals and overcome their linguistic challenges. TEFL, TESOL, CELTA certified tutor.

Hanna Bar
Anna has taught English as a Foreign Language for over 8 years around the globe (Asia, Europe and North America) to young children, teenagers and adult learners from absolute beginner to advance EFL students in a wide range of contexts. As a teacher trainer, she has a keen interest in supporting both new and experienced teachers so they can strategically assist their non-native English speaking students with their language learning process.

Liz Blackwell
Liz began teaching in 2003 and is currently completing a master’s degree in applied linguistics, majoring in teaching English to speakers of other languages. She has spent 12 years teaching abroad in Russia, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand and has travelled extensively throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Her advice for teachers beginning their ESL careers is to make your lessons fun and engaging and to get to know your students’ interests and language and cultural backgrounds.