TEFL/TESOL Code of Practice for Teachers

The TEFL/TESOL teaching profession has an expectation of high standards of ethical and professional behaviour from its teachers. The ACCRIN Code of Practice for TEFL/TESOL Teachers has been produced specially for ACCRIN Certificated Students, i.e. those TEFL/TESOL students who have received our ACCRIN Certificate. It is an invaluable Continuing Professional Development tool. The Code of Practice provides a formal framework of values and ideals to guide and encourage all TEFL/TESOL teachers to achieve the high standards of ethical and professional behaviour in their contact and relationships with all stakeholders. It encompasses all the key values and ideals which underpin the teaching profession. Every TEFL/TESOL teacher will value this. We will be delighted to send this to you free of charge once you have applied for and paid for your ACCRIN Certificate. [email protected]