TEFL/TESOL Student Registration Fees

Here is the Fee for registration with us, moderation, and design and delivery to you of your TEFL/TESOL ACCRIN Certified Certificate in pdf format. Specify with your provider if the ACCRIN registration fee is included in the price of the course. Registration Fee is 20 pounds. For Registration please send via email [email protected] your First name, Last name, name of your TEFL provider, the certificate unique number, your email address and the country of your citizenship. We will send you link for payment via Payoneer system. ► ACCRIN Certified Certificate Allow 4 weeks from the date of payment for the despatch of your Certificate. We have to receive confirmation of your course completion from your TEFL Provider. This can take a bit of time. If you lose or destroy your Certificate and wish to have a duplicate, the same fee you paid originally will apply. Note: We need a completed Registration Form, Fee Payment and confirmation of your course completion from your TEFL Provider before we can issue an ACCRIN Certified Certificate. Ensure you complete and submit our Registration Form at the same time as you pay the fee. If you don’t, we will be unable to progress with your application. The Registration form is on the previous page: ‘Register With Us’ Please ensure you read and agree with the Terms and Conditions stated below before making payment, and then make the appropriate selection in the Certificate box below.