Training Participants — Helping You

If you have already looked at the About Us and the Clients pages (you should have!) you will have a good feel now for our international accreditation credentials and the added strength given to us by Training Issues Ltd, the high quality, international learning and development enterprise. ACCRIN is a division of Training Issues.

Your employer, or your prospective employer if you are considering moving on, will trawl through these same site materials and they too will realise the strength of ACCRIN accreditation and the demanding process that your Training Provider had to go through to achieve accreditation.

They will want to see your certificate(s). Your Training Provider will present you with their certificate but it is wise and critical that you also have an ACCRIN Certified Certificate in pdf format issued by ACCRIN as the accrediting body.

Helping You: Obtaining Your ACCRIN Certificate

1. Your first step is to arrange your course with your Training Provider, accredited by ACCRIN. Your Provider will give you details about ACCRIN and how to register with us. Registration with us flags up to us that you are starting an accredited course and on successful completion you wish to have an ACCRIN Certified Certificate in addition to the certificate provided by your Training Provider.

2. Complete a Registration Form online on the Register With Us page. The critical point is that you should register with us right away – immediately on receiving course details or a course pack from your Provider. This will ensure there is no delay in forwarding your ACCRIN Certified Certificate to you once you have successfully completed your course. There may be only a very short period between completing your course successfully and taking up a post, so you want to ensure that your ACCRIN Certificate is safely to hand.

3. At the same time as you complete the Registration Form, you need to forward us your Participant Registration Fee to cover the registration and certification service. The fee not only includes the design and sending of the ACCRIN Certificate in pdf format but also registration with us and moderation. This can be paid via PayPal, or debit/credit card using the PayPal payment facility. You do not need to be a PayPal member to use their payment facility.

4. Your Training Provider will inform us when you have completed your course successfully. We will then forward your ACCRIN Certified Certificate in pdf format to you without delay.

Helping You: Additional Benefits

On several occasions throughout this site we have stated that Participants are our lifeblood – without you and your fellow Participants we would not exist as we do. Working in ‘partnership’ with our Participant clients is another key element of our ethos. It is critical for us that you have a continuing and excellent customer experience. So, how can we help you?

1. As stated above, we can provide you with a good quality ACCRIN Certified Certificate in pdf format. Even although your Training Provider will present you with a certificate after completing your course successfully, we believe that it is critical to have the additional ACCRIN Certified Certificate. This will confirm in your (prospective) employer’s mind the quality of your Training Provider and the quality of the course you have completed.

2. ACCRIN Certified Students, i.e. those who have applied for and paid for an ACCRIN Certified Certificate can contact us at any time. We don’t see our job finished once we issue you with your ACCRIN Certified Certificate. You will have us to ‘talk to’ as well as your Training Provider.  If we can help you in any way, just let us know.

3. You may decide to stay in your post for one or a number of years. When you are in situ or contemplating a move, you will need to consider whether you need any further skills development for your next steps in employment. This could be, for example, interview skills, CV preparation, team leadership, management training etc. ACCRIN can help you with this via our access to Training Issues’ vast learning and development activity bank, if you wish. This help will be offered at special reduced rates and these rates are only for ACCRIN Certified Training Participants who have registered with us. Just let us know at [email protected]