ACCRIN — What/Who We Accredit

ACCRIN accredits:
►Training Providers
►TEFL/TESOL Providers

Training Providers

ACCRIN accredits Training Providers for face-to-face, online and distance learning courses so long as they can meet our demanding standards, which you can see on the Standards and Evidence page.

There are so many courses and areas of learning in the training world. Training Issues, ACCRIN’s parent company, provides learning and development activity for international clients in over 50 such areas, so we know what it’s like.

The 3 key members of our Accreditation Advisory Team which you will have read about on the About Us page have each been in the learning and development arena for 20 years +.

So, we are open to discussion about accrediting any type or length of course. We have the skills and experience to carry this out.

Additional Benefits for ACCRIN’S Training Providers

1. Training Participants who register with us have access to a range of free Continuing Professional Development materials supplied to us by Training Issues Ltd, a high quality international learning and development enterprise, of which ACCRIN is a specialist service. We do this because we see the Participants as our lifeblood – without them we would not exist as we do. However, added benefits arise. Not only does this impress and excite the Participants and ensure they are better prepared for their role but it also enhances the reputation of the Training Provider, as the Participants often see the Provider and the accreditation company as one entity.

2. As we have said elsewhere on this site, we do not just register the Training Participants, give them a certificate and say ‘bye-bye’.

ACCRIN takes it on itself to keep in touch with the Participants, seeking their feedback. This information is invaluable – we benefit from it and so do our Providers. But so too do our Participants – this simple activity builds their esteem when they know that their contribution is very much valued. A ‘partnership’ is built.

3. The overall benefit from the above activities is that Training Participants have a continuing and excellent customer experience. They are not just forgotten about once they leave the course. They have ACCRIN to talk to as well as yourselves. The experience of Training Issues confirms this. By keeping in touch with Training Participants, and not just their companies, repeat business has increased to levels they did not expect. There is reason to believe that the same can happen for you with Participants you pass through ACCRIN.

4. We are a business that works in the business world, so we know what running a business is like. If you are seeking accreditation for the first time, we will aim for a cost effective package for you. If you are already accredited but are shopping around, we’ll do exactly the same for you.